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Parklands Conservation Park

Parklands Conservation Park

The Parklands Conservation Park is a critical wildlife habitat on the Sunshine Coast.

It has also become a well-loved tourist destination frequented by locals for its excellent bushwalks and mountain biking trails.

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The park’s vegetation ranges from tallowwood trees, eucalypt forests, rainforests with flooded gum, palm groves, and many more. These lush greens make it such a picturesque destination to unplug from your busy life and recharge with nature. There are also rocky ridges home to casuarina trees, and from here, one can take a peek at the marvellous coastal views. During the rainy season, several creeks within the park lead you to cascades and rocky pools where you can cool down in.

Parklands Conservation Park had been gazetted as a significant forest reserve back in 2001, and it reached its conservation park status in 2006. There are rules that visitors must abide by to avoid disturbing the local plants and wildlife; these include staying on areas that are designated open trails while respecting closed-off areas. Fires, camping, motorbikes, domestic animals, and cars are not allowed in the park.

Take away all rubbish with you, and make sure that your clothing and horses’ hooves, bikes, and shoes are free of seeds to prevent the growth of weeds. Don’t walk or ride through weed patches, particularly during seeding periods. Horse riders should give their horses only good-quality and weed-free feed for a minimum of 48 hours before entering.

When all visitors respect these rules, you also ensure that those who enter the park in the future can enjoy a good experience. Trail runners will appreciate that there are well-marked trails within the park, though keep in mind some steep hills.

Parklands Conservation Park is a beautiful place for walking, running, and mountain biking. Bring the whole family for a wholesome day in the gorgeous scenery.

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