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O’connors Reach

O’Connors Reach

O’Connors Reach is a harbour and small coastal beach located in Mooloolaba.

It has been a convenient rest stop for many travellers right by the river, and it’s a great place to find fresh seafood.

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For visitors keen on spending time in this quiet area, the best time to visit is in the afternoon when the sun isn’t too hot. It’s a terrific place for activities that are ideal in tranquil environments, such as yoga or having a picnic. The waters and area are clean, always well-maintained but the best part for many is that it hardly ever gets busy.

O’Connors Reach is also a popular fishing spot. Feel free to take your boat out and spend time relaxing on the water. Better yet, why not swim in its cool, clean waters? The harbour is equipped with toilets and is close to the wharf for some terrific shopping and dining.

Head over to Pier 33, located on the Mooloolaba Marina afterwards; this iconic attraction is the best place to take in the sunny blue skies, azure seas, and bobbing boats. Enjoy a sumptuous meal at the restaurant as it’s popular for the excellent dishes made with locally sourced produce from around the Sunshine Coast. There are a handful of outdoor venues where visitors love relaxing here, and when the sun sets, order a signature cocktail from the island bar.

There are many more wonderful dining options nearby, so if you love to travel and food, this is an area you’ll want to stay in for a few days at least. The Wharf Mooloolaba is set against the Mooloolaba River, with views of the Marina and home to many dining and entertainment experiences.

O’Connors Reach is one of many reasons you’ll want to come to Mooloolaba, where fun, great food, and good times await you.