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Nelson Reserve

Nelson Reserve

Nelson Reserve is one of the most stunning parks in Gympie.

Several thoughtful features make this destination appealing to families and visitors of all ages.

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As soon as you get into the car park, it’s hard not to admire the majestic Jacaranda trees and their stunning purple flowers. It serves the important function of being the primary recreation centre in town, and because of that, there are several events, markets, and festivals that regularly take place here. It houses several playgrounds, including climbing structures, slides, pedal carts, and monkey bars, so young children have a beautiful and safe space to play in.

Nelson Reserve also has other amenities, including picnic tables, toilets, and a skate park for the big kids. It’s undoubtedly a gorgeous playground that is worth a visit for its fantastic mixed-use design, open spaces, and active spaces for all to enjoy. Best of all, it’s always maintained clean, so you can look forward to a visit every time knowing that you can enjoy its facilities without worry.

During late the afternoon, the park can get busy with many kids playing about. However, given that there’s a lot of space, it’s easy to find a tranquil spot to relax in. Visitors also enjoy passing here during their runs or jogs because it’s so scenic. Even if the park is busy, it never feels crowded.

While here, why not visit the Gympie Memorial Park afterwards, which is just nearby. This heritage-listed memorial ground was established in 1921 and today is an iconic attraction in town, popular for its rotunda and heritage landmark. The Gympie Memorial Park is a relaxing space to unwind in and take in a peaceful environment.

Nelson Reserve and the nearby attractions in Gympie are a must-visit for any traveller.

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