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Dularcha National Park

Dularcha National Park

Dularcha National Park is a unique heritage-listed historical and natural attraction in Queensland.

It’s famously known for the historic tunnel built back in 1891, which served the North Coast railway, transporting passengers between Gympie and Brisbane.

Dularcha National Park, Tunnel Track, Rail Trail, Map, Landsborough QLD

The park is still an off-the-beaten-path gem in the area, mostly only known by locals, especially for the old railway tunnel. The tracks have already been removed, but the trails still exist; they are an excellent idea for horse riders, bikers, and hikers who want to explore a unique destination.

Dularcha National Park is home to several natural ecosystems, including eucalypt forest and subtropical rainforest, cabbage tree palms and flooded gums. It’s a popular destination for bird watchers too. Though camping isn’t allowed within the park, visitors can find accommodation nearby.

There are three trails to choose from within the park. These are the Tunnel Track, Tunnel Bypass Track, and the Roses Circuit. These shared trails mean it’s not uncommon to bump into other visitors or riders as you discover the park’s beauty. However, the Tunnel Bypass Track is exclusively designed for horse riders who want to explore the park without entering the tunnel. The trails are safe; just remember always to give way to horses, especially if you are a walker or cyclist. After exploring the park, check out Landsborough or have a picnic at Pioneer Park.

As the grounds are situated between Mooloolah and Landsborough, it’s easily accessible from both points. Parking is found at either entry point. Before visiting, be sure to pack snacks and a lot of water because there are no waters fountains here.

Dularcha National Park is a special undiscovered gem that all ages will appreciate.

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