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Nambour Station Map
Nambour Station Map

Nambour Station

The Nambour Station is the primary railway station serving this part of town on the Sunshine Coast.

Located on the North Coastline of Queensland, the station is equipped with modern amenities for the convenience of passengers.

Nambour Station, Train & Bus Timetable, Ticket Prices, Car Parking, Qld

From here, passengers can purchase, top-up, and refund their go-cards. Afterwhich, they can embark on City network services that depart from Brisbane, although there are also two services every day that head to Gympie. The North Coastline is also supplemented with a bus service operated by the Kangaroo Bus Lines during weekdays, headed to route 649 and Caboolture. Other services here include the Traveltrain service, Bundaberg, Rockhampton Tilt Trains, Spirit of the Outback, and Spirit of Queensland.

The Nambour Station has received recent upgrades for better comfort and convenience. Specifically, its accessibility has been improved so that each train platform can be accessed through ramps, lifts, or paths without using the stairs. Other improvements include adding facilities to help passengers with vision or hearing impairments, lighting, and CCTV. For all your travel needs in and around Nambour, this station is highly recommended.

There’s no need to worry about getting around because the station and many other commuter services make it highly efficient to explore the sights. With so many thrilling attractions around town, it’s always best to plan your itinerary. The city centre has numerous charming cafes, and anything you need such as those from shopping malls, pharmacies, and supermarkets are all within arm’s reach.

If you are visiting with kids, be sure to add The Big Pineapple to your list, as well as the famous TreeTop Challenge. Visit Wildlife HQ to spend time with adorable animals, including koalas, kangaroos, meerkats, and red pandas, among others.

The Nambour Station provides convenient services for getting around, be sure to utilise their excellent amenities during your visit.

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