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Nambour & District Historical Museum

The Nambour District and History Museum is a terrific museum where visitors can learn about the area’s rich heritage, the life of the first settlers, and the major industries. The museum on Mitchell Street was first conceptualised in April 1992, when a public meeting discussed its support.

Eventually, the initial committee was formed, followed by monthly meetings until November 1995, when they finally signed a lease.

Nambour & District Historical Museum, Opening Hours, Entry Prices, Qld

The museum opened on April 20, 1996 and they eventually leased more space. Today, it’s an iconic heritage destination in Nambour that seeks to preserve its local history.

The Nambour District and History Museum has an impressive array of photographs, artefacts, oral and written histories that tell the stories of residents, businesses, lifestyles, and industries. They are open to the general public, so all can come to learn about how Nambour came to be today. The quality and dedication to their work have earned the museum numerous awards from the National Trust – Queensland Heritage Award, National Australia Day Council, and the Gallery and Museum Association.

Though it looks small on the outside, the museum is much larger and houses an astonishing variety of displays. Several locomotive machines hail from the sugar cane days of Nambour. At the same time, the Kitchen Room houses an exciting assortment of kitchen items discovered during the first half of the past century. These include some fine china, cooking utensils, butter churn, and more.

The Laundry Room shows a glimpse of how everyone’s least favourite room in the house once looked. In the olden days, washing was done by hand, and you’ll see how people lived with heavy irons – making you appreciate your washing machine and other lightweight laundry tools that we have today. Other fascinating highlights include the Parlour, Early Childhood display, School Room, Scouting, Leisurely Pursuits, Matchcraft, and more.

The Nambour District and History Museum is a truly unique attraction where you learn all about life in the past.

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