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Nambour Community Centre

Nambour Community Centre

The Nambour Community Centre is an organisation that provides valuable resources and support for the local community.

The facility is home to around 40 community groups that hold regular events and where community members can come to use any of their resources.

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It was founded by Gail Perry-Somers, a remarkable woman with numerous talents and achievements under her belt. Just some of the incredible things she accomplished was training as a race car driver, directing a children’s television show, operating a stud farm, establishing the Eumundi Markets, furniture restoration, assisting her father as he established the Great Keppel Island Resort, livestock trading, and interior design to name a few.

However, Gail fell ill one day and decided that her calling in life was to help people. She eventually moved to Eumundi to build a house, while she and four boys lived in a tent. In 1979, she established the KIAH, which offered commune services for pregnant women. Through the years that followed, she continued to provide additional services and developed programs until the Nambour Community Centre came to be.

Through their services today, the centre seeks to create a better community by working with people as they promote mutual respect, opportunity, and equity among all. These services include Thriving Families, the Sunshine Coast Settlement Program, and Cultural Connections. Thriving Families helps families create connections, improve their capacities, and access better opportunities within their community. The Sunshine Coast Settlement Program provides transition support for migrants through confidential and free dialogue; it’s open to anyone who has arrived in Australia within the last five years. Last but not least, Cultural Connections is a pride of the centre because this service has been famous for successfully promoting multiculturalism in the region for more than a decade.

Meanwhile, the Nambour Community Centre also hosts a range of activities. These include community meditation, wellness, women support, family counselling, computer access, and much more. Other community activities include weight loss support, yoga, and narcotic rehabilitation, among others.

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