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Morayfield Shopping Centre

Morayfield Shopping Centre

The Morayfield Shopping Centre is conveniently located in the heart of town, offering locals and visitors a wide range of dining, shopping, entertainment, and services.

They have been around since 1997 and have become a favourite among regional shopping centres, especially when you consider that they are just 40 minutes away from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

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The centre is open seven days a week, so no matter when you need something, you can rely on this world-class complex to cater to your needs.

Centre management offers wheelchairs and electric scooters, which are complimentary for three hours at a time. They also provide three parents’ rooms furnished with the conveniences and comforts that you need to take care of your little one. These include lounges, change tables, and microwaves. All facilities are always clean, so you can have peace of mind that you and your baby are cared for.

The Morayfield Shopping Centre is also equipped with restrooms, lost property service, Justice of the Peace service, and free Wi-Fi.  Aside from that, you can also make shopping easy for your loved ones by giving them Gift Cards. These are available in any domination, ranging from $10 up to $1,000.

With more than 150 specialty shops, cinemas, restaurants, and large groceries, you’re sure to find everything you need. Renowned stores including Target, Kmart, Woolworth, and Coles all have a home here. Seasonal entertainment and family-friendly events take place so that everyone can find enjoyment in various forms here.

The Morayfield Shopping Centre should be your first stop in town. You won’t regret it!

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What is the Morayfield Shopping Centre address?
What are the Morayfield Shopping Centre opening hours?
Centre Opening Hours
Mon - Wed: 9am - 5:30pm
Thu: 9am - 9pm
Fri: 9am - 5:30pm
Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 10am - 4pm

Mon - Sat: 7am - 9pm
Sun: 9am - 6pm

Mon - Sat: 7am - 9pm
Sun: 9am - 6pm

Mon - Sat: 7am - 9pm
Sun: 9am - 6pm

Big W
Mon - Wed: 9am - 6pm
Thu: 8am - 9pm
Fri: 8am - 6pm
Sat: 8am - 6pm
Sun: 9am - 5pm

Birch Carroll & Coyle
Mon - Wed: 9:30am - 6pm
Thu - Sun: 9:30am - 9:30pm

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