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Mapleton Skatepark

Mapleton Skatepark

The Mapleton Skatepark is one of the best skate parks in Queensland.

It’s been designed with numerous well-thought-out features that skaters and BMX riders of all levels enjoy.

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It stands out as a top small spine halfpipe park in the area; it’s also equipped with quarters, banks, rails, a round bowl vert wall and other obstacles. The skate park tends to get busy late afternoons and weekends, but everyone is welcome to come and use the facilities or watch in awe as talented kids play.

When visiting Mapleton Skatepark or other similar destinations, it’s best to remember skate park etiquette. Always pay attention to your surroundings, and wait your turn. If you aren’t on a scooter, roller blades, or skateboard, it’s best to stay off the park to avoid injury and keep other people safe. Help keep the park clean by putting away trash in the designated areas and report any illegal activities that you see.

While here, check out the other thrilling destinations you can visit with your family around Mapleton. This area in the Sunshine Coast is famous for its nature walks, lush forests, and spectacular views. Don’t leave without visiting the Mapleton Falls National Park, home to an abundant population of rare plants and animals. It’s best explored as you go bushwalking among the majestic rainforest and eucalyptus trees.

Mapleton has a rich history, too. The first settlement dates back to 1889; two brothers named Thomas and William Smith were chosen to plant bananas on the land. However, they couldn’t select land because they found the terrain difficult, and infrastructure was absent. The brothers planted citrus and strawberries instead of bananas to make a profit.

The area underwent several name changes until it was finally made into Mapleton by 1894. Throughout the years, Mapleton saw economic success due to other industries and the establishment of infrastructure.

Today, Mapleton Skatepark is just one of many reasons why visitors flock to this area from near and far.

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