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Maddock Park

Maddock Park

Maddock Park is a stunning recreation area where visitors can enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities at  Ewen Maddock Dam.

This is are named after Ewen Maddock, a local pioneer and one of the early European settlers.

Maddock Park, Swimming Beach, BBQ, Playground, Mooloolah Valley QLD

Just some of the things you can do here include fishing, boating, walking around, or taking your bicycle. Non-motorised vessels are welcome, including kayaks, canoes, sailing boats, and rowboats. Fishing is best done from the boardwalk platform or your own vessel.

Maddock Park has a designated swimming area, where you can cool off after a picnic. Many types of wildlife call the lake home, so when you do swim or fish, make sure to pick up after yourself and dispose of hooks and fishing lines to avoid harming them. Additionally, the park has an area where you can take your dogs on a lead. Just be sure not to let dogs or other pets enter the lake since it’s forbidden; visitors can bring a maximum of 2 dogs at any time as long as they are on a leash.

There’s something for everyone at the dam. Other facilities include playgrounds for young children, BBQs, shelters, picnic tables, and areas where you can go for a walk. The dam is the perfect place for visitors who want to keep fit and enjoy being in a beautiful place.

There are more than 9 kilometres of multi-use trails to explore as well. The trails are shared between horse riders, bike riders, and walkers, though the boardwalk, including the narrow walking tracks, is designed for walking only.

Maddock Park and the many facilities within the dam are an excellent choice for a fun day out.

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