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Ma And Pa Bendall Park

Ma and Pa Bendall Park

Ma and Pa Bendall Park is a beautiful recreation area in Moffat Beach.

It overlooks a popular surfing area and lures surfing enthusiasts from near and far.

Ma and Pa Bendall Park, Lookouts & Walking Paths, Moffat Beach QLD

The park is named after a pair of surfing legends, a husband and wife hailing from Caloundra. Pa is regarded as the grandfather of surfing while his wife, Marjory or Ma, migrated to Caloundra in the 1950s. There were only a few other avid surfers at that time, and the two eventually became recognised as surfing royalty for all they had done for the sport and the local community.

Ma and Pa Bendall Park feature a memorial plaque to them, which was established in 1973. Additionally, a surfing contest known as the Ma and Pa Bendall took place in 1974 and has been an annual event ever since then. The popular surfing competition has been instrumental in helping young surfers become recognised as a professional, and many international and Australian world champions participated in this contest in the past.

Moffat Beach itself is a surfers’ haven. Throughout the year, surfers can rely on consistent longboard waves, but several sections along the rocky ledges allow you to pick up. When the tide is low, the beach offers a sucky bowl section which skilled surfers appreciate for the challenge. On the other hand, when the waves are more extensive, one can expect barrel waves and exciting areas that exceed 200m.

The beach is a must-visit even for non-surfers; its laid-back surfer lifestyle is charming, and there are numerous stylish cafes, restaurants, and accommodation right by the beach. Just be wary about swimming if you aren’t confident of your skills because this beach is unpatrolled.

Ma and Pa Bendall Park is not just a homage to the surfing legends but a fantastic destination that all beach lovers will enjoy!

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