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Little Mountain Common

Little Mountain Common

Little Mountain Common is a beautiful 12-hectare large park on Raintree Boulevard in Little Mountain.

What makes this park truly special is the abundance of facilities – it’s got everything visitors of all ages could need for a memorable day outside.

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These facilities include fitness equipment, a playground for kids, kids’ cycling track, flying fox, skate bowl, basketball half-court, and a cricket pitch which is further designed with bicycle paths and more tables. The toilets are clean, and the amenities are free to use.

Little Mountain Common also has a spacious off-leash dog park, found at its northern end. Given all the space for everything to enjoy, it’s clear why this park has become a favourite of the local community. Parents can bring their kids to burn off energy, and kids can also take their bicycles or scooters around the park. Additionally, the park is thoughtfully designed with several zones laid out, plus no one has to worry because of the fencing.

If your kids have lots of energy, you can take them to 2 or more parks within the same day. Pedal Park is situated nearby, and it’s another famous park because of its incredible design. The park is named for the bike track it’s built around and the unique bicycle theme of the entire space. It features actual speed bumps, a tunnel, road signs, a bridge, and real traffic lights. Young riders, in particular, enjoy the hilly area because they have tons of fun as they ride around and around.

These stunning parks are also close to some gorgeous beaches.  These include Golden Beach, Pelican Waters, Kings Beach, Shelly, Beach, and Fraser Park. With all the exciting attractions for kids, big and small, families have truly enjoyed coming back for more.

Little Mountain Common is an excellent destination for any family.

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