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Landsborough Historical Museum

Landsborough Historical Museum

The Landsborough Historical Museum is an impressive museum in Queensland, one of the area’s biggest community museums.

It was launched in 1976 to preserve the region’s cultural heritage.

Landsborough Historical Museum, Entry Prices & Opening Hours, QLD

Today, the museum is an important aspect of the local culture. It is run by helpful and knowledgeable volunteers who provide visitors with a rich experience of learning about history and culture within the last century. With so much to see here, it’s recommended to carve out a few hours of your day to see all the highlights within the museum truly.

A major attraction in the Landsborough Historical Museum is the rare collection featuring the Dead Man’s Pennies, as well as an old printing press. There are thousands of memorabilia, artefacts, photographs, and documents that tell the important story of both indigenous and non-indigenous people who have contributed to the growth of Caloundra as we know it today.

The building itself has a story to tell; it was once the Landsborough Shire Council Chambers office which was designed back in 1924. The museum is open from Wednesdays to Sundays, from 10am to 3pm. Groups are welcome, but be sure to book in advance.

The museum is also a valuable source of research; the public can use the research materials such as digital images, databases, and maps that go as far back as 1859. The Stan Tutt Reading Room is where research is regularly conducted; the room also happens once to be the Board Room of the Council Chambers.

The Landsborough Historical Museum should be part of any visit to Landsborough. Well-worth the trip, especially for history and culture buffs!

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