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Kawana Waters Marina

Kawana Waters Marina

Kawana Waters Marina is an elegant marina located on Queensland’s south-eastern coast.

This is a must-visit in the Sunshine Coast. It offers a perfect climate throughout the year, excellent shopping houses, several tourist attractions, and is an all-around destination for visitors of all ages.

Kawana Waters Marina, Berth Rates, Map & Location, Buddina QLD

The marina was once Lawrie’s Marina, built in the 1970s. Through the decades, a change of hands in management and the need to cater to a growing coastal community led to the birth of the current marina – a wo,rld-class one at that.

One of the many things that makes it unique is that its berths are available for sublease under the members’ lease. The laid-back community here is so inviting and will easily make you want to spend several days here.

Kawana Waters Marina is also regarded as the most convenient and protected marina on this side of the country. Just a five-minute walk away is the massive Kawana Shoppingworld, where you will find dozens of shops to cater to all of your whims. These include major supermarkets, medical clinics, restaurants, cafes, liquor stores, accommodation, a library, government and legal services, and so much more.

Beside the marina is Lawrie’s Boat Services, which is a boatyard equipped with a travel lift. They offer marine services such as boat repairs, marine electronic services, spray painting, canvas repairs, rigger, and sales of new and used boats.

The marina is close to another major tourist attraction, the Mooloolah River National Park. This protected area covers 830.9 hectares, and it is an ecologically significant habitat for plants and animals of high conservation value. It houses several different kinds of forests which are best explored by going on a bushwalk, canoeing, or cycling on the park’s edge.

Kawana Waters Marina and its neighbouring attractions are perfectly suited for visitors who want to soak up some of the best Sunshine Coast culture and sights.

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