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Gympie Aerodrome

Gympie Aerodrome

The Gympie Aerodrome, also known as the Kybong Aerodrome, is used for recreational purposes and aircraft maintenance and flight training.

It serves the local area and is owned and operated by the Gympie Regional Council.

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It was opened to the public in May 1966, with many thrilling displays as it’s been a long-awaited institution. There were aircraft displays, joy flights, and parachute displays, as well as a Spectacular Apex Air Pageant. Today, it’s an important destination for aircraft businesses and hobbyists.

The aerodrome is home to numerous aircraft maintenance businesses. It’s also where the Gympie Gliding Club and the Gympie Aero Club are based. If you are visiting the area, check out the Gympie Gliding Club for a unique, exhilarating experience where you get to pilot a glider with the help of a friendly and professional instructor. Eventually, you can also take enough lessons to pilot a single-seat plane.

For professional aircraft flying lessons, you can also contact the Gympie Aero Club at the Gympie Aerodrome. Aside from these services, several projects are being worked on at the site to provide the local community with better airport management support and safety advice.

The Gympie Aerodrome is located at Lobwein Road in Kybong.

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