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Goomboorian National Park

Goomboorian National Park

Goomboorian National Park in Wolvi is a stunning place for all kinds of outdoor activities.

It was gazetted in 2008 to help protect and conserve the area’s biodiversity because of its ecological significance.

Goomboorian National Park, Wetlands, Wildlife, Habitat Area, Wolvi QLD

The park is 1,828 hectares in size, and it’s one of the more remote attractions in the area. Given low visitor activity, it’s ideal for individuals seeking unique adventures that are off-the-beaten-path. Those who do come here are usually from nearby Gympie or are recreational horse-riders or bushwalkers. Aside from that, researchers and scientists also occasionally visit to study the endangered and threatened species that thrive here.

The Goomboorian National Park is an excellent place for intrepid individuals. The nearby Coes Creek is also worth visiting, with this residential suburb located 3km away from Nambour. Coes Creek, a tributary of Petrie Creek, was named after a local settler named Robert Coe. There are other attractions nearby, such as the incredible Cooloola Berries farm. This is a fantastic place to visit if you love strawberries; while here, you can try some strawberry cider and have your fill of dozens of different strawberry-flavoured foods.

Cooloola Berries isn’t just an amazing farm, but it’s also an events venue and a café. The family-owned farm is a stunning place for a relaxing day with the whole family as you savour delicious strawberry treats and so much more. Its facilities include campsites, conference and convention amenities, gardens, toilets, a cellar door, and a gift shop.

Another place to take the family to the area is the Lake Alford Recreational Park. Located at the southern entry to Gympie, the park is complete with everything you need for a wonderful picnic, including a playground for all abilities, BBQs, an off-leash dog park, parking, picnic tables, and much more. Kids, in particular, love the ducks that live in the lake and other forms of birdlife.

Goomboorian National Park and the nearby attractions promise incredible holidays with your loved ones.

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