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George Vi Memorial Park

George VI Memorial Park

George VI Memorial Park is a small grassy area in Yandina where the local community enjoy gathering.

There are numerous facilities here for visitors to enjoy.

George VI Memorial Park, Playground, BBQs & Basketball, Yandina QLD

These include playgrounds for kids, a gazebo, picnic area, BBQ facilities, basketball court, and public toilets. A skatepark is also found here, as many local teenagers are passionate about skating. A short, paved path around the park makes it easy to cycle and provide access for the disabled.

The George VI Memorial Park is also near the field, where local teams play regularly. These include the Nambour-Yandina Soccer Club, Yandina Cricket Club, Sunshine Coast BMX Club, Yandina Tennis Club, Yandina Bowls Club, and the Yandina Raiders Football Club.

If you are visiting Yandina, many attractions are also worth checking out. It is home to unique specialty businesses and shops that showcase the local produce and historical attractions. The Ginger Factory is one of the most popular attractions in town, one that the entire family will delight in for sure. Learn all about ginger through educational activities, while the kids will love the Superbee Live Bee Show; taste some exquisite ginger and honey treats, and so much more.

With all the nature in Yandina, the best way to take it all in is by visiting the Wappa Falls Astronomical Observatory. Located in a quiet bushland area, the observatory features 16 telescopes that will show you the best of the night and day sky. When you visit, there may also be a fascinating spacewalk, educational talk, or a meteor exhibit to check out.

No matter what kind of family activities you’re looking for, you can be sure that Yandina has it all.

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