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Frog Park

Frog Park

Frog Park is a massive frog-themed kids’ playground located in Aura Estate in Caloundra West.

This new playground was designed to give children hours of fun among the colourful play and climbing equipment.

Frog Park, Playground, Climbing Equipment, Slides, Tables, Baringa, QLD

This incredible playground that resembles a land of frogs will spark kids’ imagination.

One of the major highlights here is the giant rubber frog built with various textures, inviting kids to use their senses as they discover while playing. The frog structure can also be climbed on, though the twin KOMPAN embankment slides make it double the fun.

Frog Park also caters to kids with special needs. It’s built with a low-level playing area and wide-open paths so that children of varying abilities can easily access various parts. Another feature is the bird’s nest swing, where the softball base offers kids a gentler, safer landing.

This park is an iconic landmark in the Aura community and will undoubtedly be among the most popular on the Sunshine Coast.

Other facilities found here include a bike path, tables, shelters, street parking, a grassy area for sports, a parkour course, and much more.

After spending time with your kids here, check out Pedal Park, a quick drive away on Steiner Crescent. This park is popular for its bike theme, complete with an authentic bike track surrounding the playground. The unique track even features speed bumps, real road signages, real traffic lights, and a tunnel for a one-of-a-kind bike experience.

Frog Park is just one of the many things families can do in Baringa. This laid back neighbourhood, nearby beautiful beaches, and numerous family-friendly attractions will have you wanting to come back for more.

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