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Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools

The Fairy Pools of Noosa are a delightful hidden gem that will take your breath away. These two natural tide pools are nestled among the basalt rocks located west of Noosa Heads.

They are an iconic landmark that offers a refreshing change of pace, especially if you’re looking to relax by the sea without the crowds.

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On the left side is the smaller tide pool, which tends to be separated from the sea during the low tide. However, the larger pool is swimmable even during high tide. It’s a full day of fun and splashing, especially when waves crash over the rocks, refilling the pools.

Bring along a snorkel or goggles to appreciate the underwater beauty; colourful corals that grow on the rocks are an enchanting sight.

The Fairy Pools can be tricky to locate, but here are some helpful directions. Start your journey at the Coastal Track located at the Noosa Heads’ Main Beach. Continue going right until you’ve reached the end of the coast, where the road begins. This is where you’ll come across a wooden boardwalk, which signals the beginning of the Coastal Track. Take the boardwalk that heads to the right.

Continue on the boardwalk until you reach the Noosa National Park’s car park area. Make sure that the sea is always on your left to avoid getting lost. Eventually, you will pass a small beach with a sign Little Cove; walk past it for around 15 minutes. Next, follow the Coastal Track that will take you to Hell’s Gate. This is where the wooden boardwalk takes you to a wilder area with lots of dirt and sand, but not to worry, as there are still paved areas to walk on.

After passing two viewpoints and Granite Bay, a smaller beach called Picnic Cove has a track that will take you around the bend. This is where the Coastal Track ends.

Finally, you’re near the Fairy Pools! The final part of the journey is a bit more remote, requiring you to do a little climbing to locate the pool. Now that you’re here, it’s time to go for a dip and enjoy for a few hours.

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