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Eudlo Creek Conservation Park

Eudlo Creek Conservation Park

Eudlo Creek Conservation Park is a gorgeous conservation park area located in Diddillibah on the Sunshine Coast.

It’s of great environmental significance due to the biodiversity located here.

Eudlo Creek Conservation Park, Walking Tracks & Map, Diddillibah QLD

Visiting the area will expose you to the rich history and a charming countryside ambience. The best way to reach the park is through the Razorback road if you are coming from Montville, though the Bruce Highway through Kiel Mountain is also a good route. The verdant hilly areas act as a gateway to the beautiful coast. Its history dates back to 1868 when Eudlo Creek was once just a crossing catering to visitors travelling from Brisbane to Gympie.

In the early 1870s, a bridge was constructed through it didn’t become more of a settlement until the late 1880s which was when the government became interested in the available lands. Farmers began to arrive, and the Queensland Government built a railway on Mackay’s land. It wasn’t until 1910 when Eudlo finally developed as a township, and eventually, houses and other commercial establishments began to sprout.

Today, several rare and endangered flora and fauna are protected within the park. It’s also a popular destination among bird watchers, so make sure to head out along one of the walking tracks.

Make the most out of your visit by spending a night or two; there are 2 campsites near the park which are perfect for soaking up the great outdoors: Rivershore Resort and Hidden Valley @ Gro Mad Plantations.

Eudlo Creek Conservation Park has an upper catchment, which is completely absent of any vegetation because it has already been cleared for residential and grazing areas. In the past, it was once home to thriving Blackbutt forests. Meanwhile, the creek’s northern side still features abundant Tallowwood and Bloodwood, while on the lower slopes one can find Flooded Gum.

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