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Cliff Hargreaves Park

Cliff Hargreaves Park

The Cliff Hargreaves Park is a small park and playground located in a scenic spot by Currimundi Lake.

Ideal for families with young children, the park has amenities for all ages to enjoy.

Cliff Hargreaves Park, Playground, BBQ, Dog Beach Area, Currimundi QLD

The park is named after a lovely local man who lived in the area. Cliff was dedicated entirely to the environment and community, spending over 40 years of his life cleaning around Lake Currimundi. Aside from that, he also volunteered for various causes in the community, mainly helping amputees.

Today, Cliff Hargreaves Park is a living tribute to keep his memory alive. It’s a favourite destination for residents and kids alike who want to enjoy time with loved ones while in the outdoors. The shallow areas near the lake are ideal for swimming (with a dog-friendly beach area not too far away), and the manicured gardens are the perfect picnic spot, complete with multiple BBQs and picnic tables. With tiny commercial properties around, it provides you with a tranquil area near all the city’s amenities and attractions.

Speaking of attractions, one can’t miss exploring the beautiful Currimundi Lake while visiting the park. This natural lake is a famous destination on the Sunshine Coast, and it’s connected to a long stretch of pristine surf beaches. Stay for a while or a few hours as you sunbathe or engage in water activities such as kayaking, canoeing or paddling; no matter how you want to relax under the sun, you’ll love being here.

Head over to Currimundi Lake after a visit to Cliff Hargreaves to swim and frolic. Fishing is a popular pastime here; this can be done from a motorised boat or from the shore. During the early spring, the Currimundi Lake Conservation Park is a beautiful place that comes alive with native wildflowers too.

Cliff Hargreaves Park and its surrounding sights offer young families lots to discover and enjoy.

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