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Chatsworth Park

Chatsworth Park

Chatsworth Park is a free parking and overnight rest area located north of Gympie.

Located along the Bruce Highway, the park is well-maintained and has clean facilities throughout the year.

Chatsworth Park, Overnight Rest Area, Parking & Facilities, Gympie QLD

Facilities at the park include toilets and a children’s playground. Dogs are allowed as well, though it’s best to keep your pets on a leash especially if there are other campers.

There is a time limit of 20 hours for parking. The area is surrounded by manicured lawns and a tranquil lake, making it a great respite from long drives or if you simply want some downtime for relaxation. The asphalt parking bays provide easy access for caravans as well.

The Chevallan Archery Park is not too far from Chatsworth Park, which provides a fun, wholesome activity for the whole family and anyone interested to learn about archery. The archery park has become a popular choice for camping too, so if you are keen on exploring other campsites, this is highly recommended. Its facilities include hot and cold showers, flushing toilets, firewood area, gas barbecues, and more. Facilities for dogs and horses are available too.

Explore more of what Gympie has to offer by visiting Memorial Park and Miners Hill. This elegant heritage-listed site is home to breathtaking Jacaranda trees that are over a century old.

The Lake Alford Recreation Park is a must-visit if you have kids; it features a playground catering to all abilities. The park is equipped with barbecues and picnic tables among the beautifully landscaped gardens.

Other historic attractions in the town include the Town Hall, Australian Institute of Country Music, Court House, Stock Exchange, and much more.

Chatsworth Park offers outdoor and culture lovers much to see and discover.

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