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Caboolture Airfield

Caboolture Airfield

The Caboolture Airfield is a thrill-seekers paradise. This modern aerodrome offers aviation services, including ultralight aircraft rental.

The airfield is most popularly known for its excellent restoration of old, historic aircraft. However, the site is also home to many aviation businesses.

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The Caboolture Aero Club is the primary user of the airport, though other flying clubs that are based here include the Caboolture Gliding Club and Caboolture Microlights. Helicopter flight training is also provided by the Aero Dynamic Flight Academy, Caboolture Recreational Aviation, and Airwork Helicopters.

The history of the Caboolture Airfield dates back to before 1965, when Norman Douglas Thurecht constructed the first airstrip in town. Though Redcliffe was the original site proposed for the airfield, it was eventually denied because of its proximity to the airports in Brisbane and the lack of radar coverage. Currently, the airport is leased by the State Government from the Caboolture Aeroclub, with the Moreton Bay Regional Council being the official custodians.

The on-site facilities include two runways, refuelling, maintenance services, live cameras for checking updated conditions, and hangar rentals. They provide a safe place for commercial and private aircraft too. It has also become a tourist attraction for aviation enthusiasts because they house an exciting collection of vintage aircraft that hails from World War One and modern times.

Those interested in becoming a member of the Caboolture Aero Club can enjoy many perks, especially considering it’s the centre of Australian Sport Aviation in the region. Some of the facilities available for members include no landing fees, more affordable hangarage, AVGAS, flights and training, maintenance, accommodations close by, access to the Caboolture Warplane Museum, and a stress-free flying environment in a beautiful location.

The Caboolture Airfield is a top attraction that any aviation enthusiasts should check out.

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