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Bribie Bridge

Bribie Bridge

The Bribie Bridge is a historic landmark on Bribie Island. It is the only bridge that connects the island to the rest of the mainland, and because of that, it plays an essential role in boosting the local economy.

Because of the bridge, Bribie Island is the only island in Moreton Bay connected by road to the mainland.

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The bridge, which is 831 metres long, was constructed in 1963 and required two years of construction. It was also considered a marvel of engineering due to advanced techniques used to construct the bridge and the fact that it is the longest pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete bridge in all of Australia.

Though the construction of the Bribie Bridge was controversial, it has allowed thousands of people, including international tourists and nearby residents, to explore more of the island and enjoy the beaches. It has dramatically helped the tourism industry, especially for people looking to get away from the mass tourism of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Visitors who cross the bridge are greeted with breathtaking vistas of Pumicestone Passage, while each side of the bridge gives you a glimpse of the Glass House Mountains. You may be lucky enough to see some dolphins cruising underneath the bridge, where many enjoy fishing as well.

The Bribie Bridge is your gateway to the island’s captivating attractions and laid-back seaside charm. These are the sights you must not miss out on while here: Bongaree Beach, Bribie Island National Park, Red Beach, Banksia Beach, Bribie Island Butterfly House, and Bribie Island Seaside Museum.

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