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Bellthorpe National Park

Bellthorpe National Park

Bellthorpe National Park is a stunning, rugged park with some of the best 4WD tracks around the Moreton Bay region.

Located by the Conondale Range’s southern end, the park is a hidden gem that isn’t just popular among 4wd enthusiasts but also for day-trippers who want to spend time out in nature.

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During warm, dry days, the roads are ideal for seasoned four-wheel drivers looking for a challenging experience as it takes you through picturesque scenes to the park’s centre.

There are also facilities within the Bellthorpe National Park that day-trippers will appreciate. These include toilets, picnic tables, and wheelchair access. Aside from going on foot or four-wheel drive, horse-riding is also permitted within the perimeter. Bushwalking has become a famous pastime here too, as it’s a lovely way to explore the park. There are several entry points where visitors can park and then walk into the shared trail. It’s always advisable to bring sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable walking shoes before your journey.

When visiting, keep in mind that there are specific rules that should be abided by. Visitors are discouraged from interfering with animals, plants, and other wildlife because everything is protected – even the rocks and soils. Bring all rubbish with you as you leave the park. This includes all food packages, so it helps to pack along sealable containers to keep your snacks in. Creeks should be kept clean at all times and don’t feed or leave any scraps on the ground. Any leftover snacks should be taken with you because if native animals eat them, they can suffer from disease or grow aggressive to other wildlife and humans.

The Bellthorpe National Park is one of the most beautiful destinations in Moreton Bay. Be sure to bring the whole family along.

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