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Segway Tours
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Segway Tours

Joining one of the Sunshine Coast segway tours could be the most incredible way to travel and explore some of the sites around this fantastic place.

Segways are also one of the greenest, more sustainable, and environment-friendly modes of transportation since they have zero emissions and leave no carbon footprint.

Sunshine Coast Segway Tours & Hire, Queensland

Many travel agencies offer fun segway tours at various popular locations across Queensland. The best part of the Sunshine Coast segway tours is that they are self-guided, and you can choose your own itinerary. Glide through the dense eucalyptus forest or wander through working cattle stations. Take your segway down to the beach or glide down the main esplanade and wharf areas.

Before your tour, you’ll be provided with a guide and safety information to guide you on how to operate your segway. Then it’s just a matter of figuring out what sights you want to see, then off you go!

Segway hire is recommended for those over ten years of age and weigh over 45kg, with other age restrictions imposed for longer tours. Segways are not recommended for those who are pregnant or have an existing medical condition.

So if you’re looking for a different, more eco-friendly way of sightseeing, explore it all on top of a segway. Taking part in an authorised tour ensures that your guide has completed the required training and knows the different safety guidelines and local regulations for operating a segway. Book your tour today!


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  • Hi, our 16 year old Grandson is coming for a visit next month so I would like information on where you go on your Segway tours please suitable for the 3 of us, we have had experience, how long are the tours and do you have senior discount?
    Regards Dot

  • Hi
    I’m just planning ahead – can you please tell me what training etc are provided for Segway self hire? Just figuring out if it’s the right activity for us. Thanks heaps

    • Hi Sharon,

      For self hire segways, you will be provided with basic training to show you how to operate the segway. They are fairly simple to operate and just require you to lean forward and back to control it. You will be provided with a helmet for safety, and just make sure to wear closed toe shoes in case you need to step off to steady yourself.

      Whoever you hire from will ensure you are competent in its use before they let you leave. Just think about it this way, they don’t want you to damage their machine or yourself by falling off! Segways are suitable for most ages (probably kids 12 and up – they need to reach the controls and have some pedestrian traffic sense so as not to run anyone over!)

      Have a great time!


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