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Historic Planes

Historic Planes

Touring the Sunshine Coast region in a helicopter, glider, or plane is undoubtedly a unique experience.

After spending a few days exploring the Sunshine Coast from the ground, plan a flight with a vintage or historic plane to check out the diverse and spectacular views of the beaches and hinterland from a height.

Sunshine Coast Historic Planes, Flights & Joyrides, Qld

One of these historic plane flights are offered by Mustang Flights. You can fulfil your fantasy of riding in a P-51D Mustang Fighter Plane, a fighter aircraft model used during World War II. You can ask your pilot to do an acrobatic maneuver, similar to the ones used during the last war, or you can sit back and enjoy the views with a scenic flight.

The Aerodynamic Flight Academy is another operator that offers instruction and historic plane flights. For their tours, they use a Tiger Moth, a biplane that was used as a military, civilian and recreational aircraft from the 1930s. The Royal Australian Air Force used the Tiger Moth in their military operations. The Flight Academy tours take you on a scenic flight over Bribie Island and other areas along the Sunshine Coast.

If you want to have an excellent, unforgettable flight experience, combine history with your tours and book one of these historic planes for a flight tour. Book your historic plane tour today!


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