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Cycling Tours
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Cycling Tours

An interesting way to explore the beauty of the Sunshine Coast is to hop on a bike and join a cycling tour. Any of the bike tours will get you an unobstructed view of the charming towns, beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and rainforests.

Joining a bike tour will also let you appreciate the warmth and hospitality of the people you meet along the way.

Sunshine Coast Cycling Tours – Bike Rentals, Queensland

Bike tours are catered to your fitness levels and which sights you would like to see. There are beach rides along the coast and also nature routes that take cyclists to the national parks to see the rainforest, mountains and hinterland. For those who are looking for a comprehensive package, there are even week-long bicycle tours designed for experienced riders.

Bicycle tour packages usually include a safety briefing, an experienced guide, a bicycle and safety helmet. A lot of the tour operators set limits to the number of cyclists for the tour, so you wont be overwhelmed by numbers.

Participants should remember to wear comfortable clothes, water and sunscreen and also tell operators if they have any existing injuries or medical conditions. As the terrain of Sunshine Coast is not strenuous, it allows every type of bikers to ride here in these hilly cycle pathways. Some bike tours also include a vineyard visit, complementary hotel pick up service and home-made lunch at some of the best winery restaurants of the region.

So whether you’re an experienced or first time cyclist, and are looking for a new way of seeing the Sunshine Coast, these tours should satisfy your needs. Book your cycling tour today.


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