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Polo By The Sea Sunshine Coast

Polo By The Sea Sunshine Coast is a fun-filled polo event that’s part of the world-famous Urban Polo Circuit, the largest national series globally.

Initially founded in 2005, they have positioned themselves as the premier market leader in Australia for luxury hospitality events.

Polo By The Sea Sunshine Coast, 2022 Dates, Entry Ticket Prices, QLD

The series, which first originated on the Gold Coast, has made its way to the Sunshine Coast, which is home to incredible beaches, jaw-dropping hinterlands, and vibrant entertainment and dining scene. It has everything you could want from an event destination, so it only made sense to bring the event here. And while polo was conceived over 2,500 years ago in Persia, many variations have been developed around the globe over the years.

However, it was Australia that developed Urban Polo in 2005. The intention was to modernise the sport while making it more appealing to spectators. This variation features a much smaller field of around 140 meters –  instead of the traditional 300 meters – making the entire game much closer to the spectators and, therefore, much more exciting. In addition, the ball size is larger by 10% but is lighter.

The rules for Urban Polo also have a new format and focus mainly on the safety of both horses and players. Nowadays, Urban Polo is widely practised around Australia, and there are seven matches each year, one of which is Polo by the Sea on the  Sunshine Coast and the other Polo in the City.

Guests can expect award-winning entertainment, luxurious food, champagne, and five-star glamour throughout this unique polo match. You can choose from various tickets to unwind in the polo club or polo club marquee for real VIP treatment. You may even get to meet famous polo players in the Polo Lounge Marquee!

Polo By The Sea Sunshine Coast takes place at Diddillibah in Queensland, and tickets sell out fast!

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