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Caloundra Film Festival
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Caloundra Film Festival

The Caloundra Film Festival began in 2013 and today has grown to one of the biggest film festivals in Australia.

Growing each year, the festival aims to connect with the local community and play some of the biggest blockbusters and many new arthouse films and Australian cinema.

Caloundra Film Festival 2021 Dates, Ticket Prices & Program Schedule

Typically, the festival starts with an opening night film screening under the stars at Bells Reach in Caloundra and finishes with a closing evening filled with food and film.

During the festival, you will see plenty of films from new and emerging cinema students, as well as some of the best of local and international cinema. The festival also aims to promote young filmmakers with their Student Showcase, allowing students to present their work to their peers.

The Caloundra Film Festival is held over multiple locations, including The Events Centre, Big Screen Cinemas, The Bison Bar, Moffat Beach Brewing Co. and the Maleny Community Centre.

So if you want to see the latest film premiers or find new indie classics, come over to the Caloundra Film Festival for a great time on the Sunshine Coast.


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    • Hi June,

      I am not sure if you need an account to buy tickets as I just went through the process and it didn’t prompt me to log in.

      If it’s saying that the user already exists, it might be worth trying to use the “Forgotten your password” option to see if you can reset the password.

      Unfortunately, I have no affiliation with the event or the ticket booking website (i am looking at this through the public’s eyes), but if it keeps being a problem, i would suggest trying a different email address) or contacting the cinema directly to see if you can purchase at the box office.


  • I’m finding it really difficult to tell from anythin on line about this festival just what is on, where and when. It looks from the comments here as if one needs to buy multiple tickets. Is it possible just to see one film?

    • Hi Karen,

      I completely understand the pain you are going through, as i try to condense all of the available information and make sense fo things on this page.

      I have checked the official website and it appears that you can in fact buy tickets to single sessions, with all of the remaining movies listed on the official website homepage.

      Prices are $14 a ticket and all sessions are held at 5pm at Big Screen Cinemas Caloundra.

      Please refer to the official website over at https://www.caloundrafilmfestival.com/ for the movies on offer.


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